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May 20, 2014


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Woman writingHi, my name is Sandy and I’m a chronic list maker. I make lists of lists. I list things I’ve already done just so I can cross them off! I have a notebook for each list. Is there a list makers anonymous group? Because maybe I need to go.

List making is a simple pleasure for me. Maybe it doesn’t sound “simple” or “pleasurable” to you. But I’m going to make a believer out of you. With a list! Hah! So here’s a list of four reasons you should become a list maker:

1) It helps you be intentional and focused.    Have you ever said to yourself, ” I’m going to do that someday” and then you never do? Life can get in the way of our good intentions. We get busy and things fall by the wayside. But making a list of what we intend to do keeps things in the forefront of our minds.  We are more apt to be intentional about the things we want or need to do if we make a list. It’s the best way to actually do the things you intend to do!

2) It keeps you organized.   We live in an ordered world. The sun rises and sets. The seasons follow one after the other. OK  sometimes in Minnesota, the season of  Spring is skipped but still. There is order there.  There is even order in how our bodies work. And if we want to live in the flow of this order we need to be orderly and organized ourselves. Yes, we do! I can hear some of you  “messies” out there bitterly resisting this but it is true. And making lists of things helps us keep our lives orderly and ordered.

3) It helps you remember.   Now that I’m getting older I tend to forget some things. If I didn’t make lists, I would forget half the things I intended/needed/wanted to do. But even if you are not old like me, let’s be honest here, you can forget some things. Who hasn’t gone to the grocery store without a list and got home only to have forgotten some things? And doesn’t that get frustrating? And time consuming when you have to go back to the store?

4) It adds to the fun of the events you want to happen.   Did you see the movie, “Bucket List”? As a chronic list maker you’d think that would be at the top of my list of things to do. Didn’t get there. It wasn’t on my list. As a result of that movie more people are making lists of things they want to do.  But not necessarily before they die. They just want to make sure they do them… so they make a list. If you haven’t done that, you are missing out on some fun! Making the list, the anticipation, the planning, the imagining, the dreaming, is all part of the fun of the event itself. In fact, it has been discovered that people have more fun in the planning than the actual event. That is because your brain doesn’t know the difference between imagining the event and the event itself! So you double your fun!

So go get yourself a new notebook or journal, a pen or pencil, a cup of your favorite beverage, a place to get comfortable, and start your list making. In the end it will make life easier and more enjoyable. Start with your fun bucket list, then go on from there…things to do list, grocery list, home project list, things to take on vacation list, blog posting list, a list of your lists…

I’m off to make my “2014 Summer Bucket List”!



June 20, 2010

Five On Friday

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Well, I just went to our blog to write up my post for Monday and Lo and Behold, I saw that I had NOT POSTED my Friday’s post!  I had put it under the “drafts” category! So I’m just going to put it up here and let you catch up and we’ll begin this week’s topic on Wednesday! So here it is ….delayed but…

Today is our Five On Friday where we make lists connected to the topic of the week. But today I’m going to make it interactive. We’ve been talking about being intentional which means basically doing things “on purpose” and CHOOSING as opposed to letting things “just happen”.

Today I’m going to give you five areas of your life and I want you to make an INTENTIONAL CHOICE about what you’d like to see happen in that area to make your life more joyful every day next week. Make an intentional decision in your mind and then take an action to MAKE IT HAPPEN. It doesn’t have to be some great thing nor should it “fix” all your problems in that area.  Just name something in your mind,put it down on paper and make it happen.








Here’s a simple example: GIVING- I would like to be a more giving person. Next week I will INTENTIONALLY  GIVE something to at LEAST ONE PERSON  every day. This GIVING could be encouragement, a note of thanks, etc. It doesn’t have to cost any money.

PERSONAL ( MIND )- I  would like to be more optimistic and joyful. Next week I will focus on what I’m thinking ( what thoughts come into my head ) and then INTENTIONALLY put positive thoughts of TRUTH in my mind. I will also make a list of positive truthful things about myself and read it every day.

Have a great weekend and make your list. Begin to put it into practice on Monday!  sandy

March 19, 2010

Workshop Ends…Watch for… SPRING LAUNCH

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Today we end the 12 session workshop. This is one workshop out of a three part series entitled, “The Joyful Life”. The goal of THIS session was to look at all aspects of your life ( abilities, values, priorities, etc. ) including your life’s dreams. It helps to get things down on paper to see things more clearly. After that we looked at the “whys” of your dreams. This helps to give even more clarity to what you REALLY want. When you know what you REALLY want you can be more intentional in making choices that reflect your REAL desires. You can  also make choices based on your values, priorities, and abilities. This in turn will begin to bring more joy into your life as you become the person you were MEANT to be and the person you DESIRE to be.

We hope you learned more about yourself so you can be more intentional in your life’s decisions. Our next workshop will begin June 1 and run through November covering a different topic each month. It’s about” taking action” and “goal setting” but won’t require quite as many questions as this one did and it is spread out over 6 months. The monthly topics will be the areas of life I mentioned in the previous session: Personal ( mind, body, spirit ); Home ; Relationships ; Finances ; Serving/Giving ; Job/ Work. We’ll look at each area and help you in setting goals in each area. Hopefully, you will begin looking at  what you’d like  these areas of your life to look like as you should have  some of this information from this session.

As promised previously, we are having a drawing for a prize for those who signed up for this session by “subscribing” to our blog. We will have that drawing next Monday. Good luck to everyone who subscribed and thank you! Check back here to see if you won!


May 1st begins our …. SPRING LAUNCH


We’d like to build a larger community of women encouraging women so tell your family and friends to “subscribe” . We’ll be putting an invitation together which you can forward later. Even though we won’t begin another workshop until June, we’ll still be posting something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll be going on vacation for two weeks but will be posting from Sunny Florida… even if it’s just to send you a beautiful ocean picture! Sherrie will also be posting when I’m gone so keep checking! If there is a special topic you’d like to hear about, let us know.

Thanks for hanging in there with us for the workshop! Have a beautiful day and LIVE INTENTIONALLY!     sandy

March 17, 2010

Living A Balanced Life

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I hope the last post  helped you in getting more clarity in your life’s choices and maybe seeing things from a different perspective. If you’d be willing to share an” AHA” moment, we’d love to hear from you.

Today I’d like you to take a sheet of paper ( or hopefully you have that journal or notebook ) and put at the top of the paper the following ” 6 areas of your life”: 1)  Personal ( mind, body, spirit )  2) Home   3) Job/Work  4)  Giving/Serving  5) Relationships  6) Finances. This list should cover most  ( well, almost ) everything in your life.

I’d like you to take your Dream List and put each item on your list under one of these categories. Anything related to recreation, hobbies, interests, etc. goes under “Personal”. If you’re not sure what category it should go under just pick the category which seems to come the closest.

You should now have a list of your dreams under all of the areas of your life. Look at your lists.Do you have something in all the categories? Are you neglecting your relationships or do you have a dream of building better relationships? Did you have on your dream list to serve others in some way? Did you remember to take care of your OWN needs ( mind, body, spirit)? Have you thought about what you’d like your home environment to be like? You might want to add to your list if these 6 areas have triggered some ideas. It is good to have a balanced life so ideally you should have items under each area. You may be in a situation where you don’t have to work outside the home but we ALL work INSIDE the home so don’t leave the Job/Work area empty.

In keeping in mind your “whys”, how much of your dream life are you living NOW but maybe on a smaller scale than you had first thought OR what COULD you do that would fulfill your “why?”. Brainstorm different things you could do to live your dream life  NOW. Keep in mind your values and priorities, your talents and skills and USE THEM in your life’s plan. You may find that when you get  CLEAR about what you REALLY want, that it  doesn’t require MORE MONEY and that you have everything you really need to live your dream life NOW. And wouldn’t it feel GREAT to know that you’re actually  LIVING your DREAM LIFE ? So go ahead and create the “small scale” dream life, using the “whys” of your dreams, making sure you have items under ALL categories. You now will have created a balanced design for your dream life!

Our Goal Setting Workshop is another session where we’ll show you how you can set goals to reach your Dream Life and even get to the BIG DREAMS  but you can learn to be content NOW when you realize that you might already HAVE your dream life ( or can EASILY get it ) if you’re considering the “whys”. The point in bringing out the 6 areas of your life now is to make sure that you are working on a dream life that is balanced in all the different areas of your life. It would be great to have a few items in each area to work on.

I hope these simple exercises have helped to bring some clarity to your life’s choices. If you have any questions you can e-mail me (or Sherrie) and we’d love to help. (   and )

Keep reminding yourself that you’re closer than you thought to your Dream Life! You may, in fact, be LIVING IT!  Sandy

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