Blooming Boomers

June 9, 2014


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One of the simple pleasures of life in the month of June is to just take in and enjoy Nature’s beauty. We’ve waited long for this time of year here in Minnesota. The winter was hard, cold, and never-ending. Spring was almost non-existent. And now everything  seems almost magical with its bright green grass and leaves, newly formed flower buds, and bright sunny skies. I think we appreciate the little things in nature more when we have to wait so long and be patient for its arrival.


“Nature is the art of God”, says Ralph Waldo Emerson. As we understand an artist to create a beautiful painting, so too does God create the beauty of Nature on the Earth’s canvas. We sit back and enjoy the beauty of a painting. But do we sit back and enjoy the beauty of nature? Oh yes, we enjoy the beautiful out door weather when we entertain an activity. But often nature is not the object of our enjoyment, but rather the activity is. We are grateful for the gorgeous weather that allows us to enjoy our activities. And that is all good and well. But nature itself, is less often our focus. Sunset over Lake Superior

Take time today to sit outside and become freshly aware of the beauty surrounding you. The shapes of the leaves on the oak tree, the little buds forming on flowers, the strong bark of the elm tree, the bright greens, the blue skies. Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset. Take it all in. Enjoy it as the beautiful art that it is. Art created by God, himself. The creator, designer, artist.


This awareness of the art of God is a simple pleasure that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Let’s not take this gift for granted but let us see Nature as the freely given amazing art that it is, designed by God for us to enjoy.


Apple blossoms April 2010

And God created the heaven’s and the earth and He saw that it was good…


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