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April 28, 2014

Attitude Is the Way We Choose to See Things

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wilted flower









Attitude is the way we choose to see things.

For example, take the ordinary subject of weather. The weather forecast in southern Minnesota for this week is cool, windy, cloudy and rainy.  All. Week. Long.

As a Minnesotan I’d prefer to be outside going for walks or puttering in the garden at this time of year. I could choose to let this affect my mood in a negative way. Or I can choose to see things in a positive light – and be thankful that:

• I am safe, warm, and dry (and glad I’m not camping!)
• I’ll have more opportunities to read and write.
• I’ll have a chance to connect over coffee with friends.
• Those spring showers will bring May flowers!



April 7, 2014

Sweep Out the Bad Habit, Welcome the New!

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sweeping old habits.indd




Winter can be very long in Minnesota, and it is easy to settle into bad habits while the blustery cold lingers (like snuggling under a blanket in front of the TV). Though our last snowstorm was just days ago, spring is appearing to be a little more steady now.

Today, with temps in the 50’s, I walked for 40 minutes during my lunch hour. This is a “new” habit I take on each year as the weather warms up, and I welcome it gladly! It feels so good to get exercise while breathing in the fresh spring air.

Do you have a bad habit you’d like to sweep away? Replacing it with something good is the best way to make sure that the bad habit doesn’t linger. With the newness of spring, what good new habit are you ready to welcome?

Here’s to sweeping out the old habits and welcoming the new!


April 1, 2014


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This week we’re looking at the feeling of being overwhelmed. You know, the feeling of being bogged down, buried,  too much on your to-do list. In our last post Sherrie shared some great ideas about how to overcome this burned out, stress-filled feeling. So today I’m going to share a simple trick that can also help you get back on track to loving your life.


So here it is…REFRAMING.  Let me explain. Behavioral scientists have discovered a unique trait that we  human beings have. It is the amazing ability to change our feelings and the direction of our lives by changing our thoughts. So “reframing”  or changing your thinking from “I’m feeling overwhelmed” to “I can handle this and even enjoy it” can make a huge difference in your life. Sounds too easy, right?

Let me give you an example in my own life. Years ago I founded and directed a ministry to juvenile offenders and other troubled youth.That was a 24/7 job and then some! I also wore the hats of wife,  mother ( though my kids were older  ), and household manager.  It was a lot, but I loved every minute of it! I felt blessed and joyful in all these responsibilities. But somewhere along the way I started feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, burned out, you name the feeling, I felt it!  In fact, I was getting sick and found out it was caused by stress! Talk about being overwhelmed!

Now one of my older volunteers, Dave,  was a businessman with a very busy company to run, many employees to deal with,  very active in his church and also spending a lot of time with his adult children and grandchildren. And on top of all this, he spent many many hours volunteering for our organization and even started a whole new side ministry to ours which entailed finding people to donate cars, having the youth fix them in his garage and helping them take ownership of the cars. ( to those who qualified! )  He was always so happy and seemed like he didn’t have a care in the world! He was not at all stressed out by all that he was doing! And he was working many more hours than I was!  Then one day I heard him say, “I have so many projects going! My life is so fulfilling!”

Then it hit me! He is not stressed because he is seeing all his responsibilities in a positive way.   Me?  I had unknowingly changed my thinking from, “I’m feeling really blessed to be doing all this and feel joy in having these responsibilities!” to “This is too much! I can’t do this!” I hadn’t realized that I had changed my thinking! The funny thing is that is what I had been teaching the youth I was working with. They needed to change their thinking from, ” I can’t change. This is just who I am”, ” to “I can change and do good things with my life.” I just needed to take my own advice! So I started to” reframe” how I thought about what I was doing. I needed to see things  the way I used to.  So I took the words right out of Dave’s mouth and told myself that ‘I had so many projects going that my life was very fulfilling!” And guess what? It worked!Not just saying the words but actually believing them again! I began to look at my responsibilities differently. Not as something to dread but something to enjoy! After all, nothing had really changed in my life when I went from feeling joy about things to feeling stressed about things, except my thoughts about them. After reframing my thoughts,  I felt a weight lifting and eventually I was back on track feeling the joy of these responsibilities!

Your circumstances are different from mine but you can reframe your thinking to see your responsibilities in a whole new light. Reframe them to see how you can turn something stressful into something positive! Your feelings will go right along with your new reframed thoughts. It won’t happen over night but keep at it and it will make a difference!


March 31, 2014


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Spring Cleaning - Blooming Boomers

In our focus on Spring Cleaning, this week we are addressing feeling OVERWHELMED. It probably is something each of us experiences occasionally. When overwhelm happens, we can feel stuck, and are less able to appreciate the joy of living. It’s obvious, then, that it is a good thing to eliminate OVERWHELM – and to clean it out this spring!


Here are some things that I have found helpful when feeling overwhelmed:
1. Be aware of symptoms when they appear.
Examples may include:
• Thinking, “I have way too much do do!”
• A sense that you are “spinning your wheels” and not accomplishing anything.
• Thoughts such as, “Nothing seems to be going right,” or “I can’t handle this!”
• Feeling on edge and impatient with those around you.
• Not being able to think clearly.
• Anger and frustration over inconsequential things.
• The onset of a headache.
• Rapid, shallow breathing.
• Tense muscles in your neck and shoulders.
• Tightness in your chest; rapid heartbeat.
• A clenched jaw.
• An urge to quit and escape from it all!

2. When symptoms of overwhelm appear, STOP AND take a break!
Occasional breaks are important; when you take a break, consider doing the following:

• Shut your eyes (unless you’re driving – yikes!).

• Breathe in deeply (count to five), hold (count to five), exhale slowly (count to five). Do this deep-breathing series at least three times. Taking in more oxygen will help your body begin to relax.

• Drink more water or sip on some herbal tea. Rehydrating your body helps flush out toxins that build up with stress.

• If you have opportunity, take a walk. If not, at least stand and stretch your arms as high as they can go. Move around. Any movement and stretching will help relieve muscle tension.

• If possible, have a light conversation with someone who is encouraging. This gets your mind off all you have to do, and can “reset” your brain from feeling overwhelmed.

• If you are a person of faith, pray and ask God to give you a fresh perspective and to enable you to to handle all you need to today.

• Make a list of all you perceive that you must do.
– Now circle what you know really needs be done today.
– Assess the rest of your list, and ask yourself, “Can I postpone this for another day?” “Can I eliminate the task completely?”

3. Now that you are refreshed, you can begin anew. Look at that list of items you have circled, and prioritize what needs to be done first. Then FOCUS ON ONE TASK AT A TIME, blocking out all interruptions until it is completed. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!


March 28, 2014

“We’re Going to Make It Work”

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Here’s an inspirational video on someone who definitely had a CAN DO approach to life. To what do you need to apply a CAN DO attitude?

Sandy and Sherrie

March 27, 2014


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YES YOU CAN! You can have an “I can” attitude! You can be the kind of person that never let’s anything stop her! You can clean out those old thoughts of “can’t” in your mind and freshen it up with “I can” thoughts! Yes, you CAN!


We’re Spring Cleaning our minds this week and I could use a fresh dusting off of the “I can’t ” thinking. How about you?

Especially after a long winter of sometimes dreary weather we can let our thoughts follow drearily along  if we let them. It’s time to take control of those thoughts, and clean out the cobwebs of “can’t”!

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or if you think you can’t do a thing, you are right.”  Our beliefs either limit us or allow us to do what it is we desire to do. What is your preference? Of course we would rather be able to follow our desires. But it all begins with believing we can.

One of my  favorite children’s books is, “The Little Engine That Could”. I’m sure you are familiar with it. It was when the little blue engine believed  he could climb the mountain  that he did it. What a great thing to teach children! Children easily believe they can do even the impossible! And yet as we grow older we begin to doubt ourselves and lose that wonderful “can do” attitude that accomplishes more than we could have imagined!


It seems like such a simple thing, just to believe we can,  so too often we ignore this kind of advice.  And to be sure, there are more things we need to know to accomplish the things we’re going after, but it all begins with believing  we can.

So what is it that you have not believed you could do? Would you be willing to change your thinking and have an “I can” attitude? Imagine the possibilities!

Sherrie and I are always working on changing our beliefs to believe that we can, indeed, do those things we want to do. Maybe not always in the way we expected, but nevertheless, we’ve accomplished more with our “can do” attitudes than if we thought “I can’t” and gave up! And we’d like to challenge you to believe you can also! We’ll be sharing more in the days to come and in workshops about how to accomplish more in life. Even how to change those old attitudes! But for now begin thinking about what you would like to believe you can do! And then begin to believe you can! You don’t have to know how you are going to do it. The how will come later.

Be watching our next post for someone who believed the impossible and found a way to accomplish it!









March 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning for the Mind? – Gratitude

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We’ve been focusing on the subject of spring cleaning – particularly the cleaning out of junk and clutter that accumulates over time in our closets and cupboards. Who doesn’t have that problem?

But did you know that spring cleaning can be applied to cleaning out junk and clutter in our minds as well? This is actually a huge subject, and we could go in many different directions. But I’d like to zero in on just one particular idea right now – the idea of replacing negative thinking (junk) with thoughts of gratitude.

Having a sense of gratitude is of bigger significance than we might realize. When incorporated into one’s thinking, it can expand to take up a great deal of space and clean out a lot of junk in our minds. It can bump out negative stuff such as complaining, criticism, chaos, doubt, despair, and discouragement.

Recently, I heard a question that I thought was thought-provoking: “What if you woke up tomorrow, and all that was left were things for which you’d expressed gratitude?”

Suddenly, seemingly very ordinary things, of which I take for granted, came to mind. A good night’s rest.  A safe and warm home. A hot shower. Electricity. The ability to breathe, and walk, and talk, and feel.  Am I grateful for these things?

And then there are the many things that I deem extraordinary. My privilege to work from home at something I enjoy. My interesting friends. My supportive husband. My extended family. My beautiful children. My loving Heavenly Father. What would I do without these? Do I express gratitude for them?

Including an attitude of gratitude can make a profound difference. It’s a great thing to do, as we look for ways to do some spring cleaning!


March 21, 2014


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As we’ve  been talking about in our last posts…. it’s about that time of year again…time for….SPRING CLEANING!  I actually love the idea of Spring Cleaning! Well, the end result , anyway! There is something about the feeling of de-cluttering and getting rid of those things you haven’t used in 5 years, reorganizing those pesky drawers and closets so you can actually find things, and tackling those twice yearly projects that make your home feel fresh and sparkly!

But I don’t necessarily look forward to the process of all this work! So I’ve come up with 5 tips to help put some “fun” into the process and to make this work feel a bit less overwhelming. You know, like how a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!  So here are 5 tips for this Friday …

tulips in vase1) First of all, buy yourself some spring tulips to get yourself in the mood! Nothing says “SPRING” like a few simple tulips! That should give you a boost to your spring spirits!

2) Tackle your projects in small doses. Maybe one drawer a day or if you have more time, tackle two. You should be able to get small spaces reorganized in 15-20 minutes or less. If you are a list maker, make two  list. One list of the small spaces and one of the large spaces and cross them off as you do them! I LOVE the feeling of crossing things off when I’m done!

3) Open up a window and let in some fresh air! I do this even in the middle of winter sometimes. There’s nothing like the invigorating smell of fresh air to perk you up! Even if it’s open for just a short time while cleaning out that drawer!

4) Clean out the simplest space first to inspire you to keep going. Yes, even one re-organized drawer can  motivate you to go further. And start NOW to get that “spring clean” feeling started!

5) Change your decor up a bit for inspiration. “Shop” in your own home. Get that pillow out of the bedroom and put in the living room to freshen it up with a new look. Maybe even switch up some furniture. A new look, no matter how small, can inspire you to get your house in order.

If you have more ideas to help make this chore more palatable, leave a comment and let us know. We all need all the help we can get!


March 18, 2014


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imageWe ‘re tackling Spring Cleaning this month on Blooming Boomers but stick with us and you’ll discover that there is more than your house that could be helped by a good spring cleaning and decluttering!

But today I’m still focusing on the  spaces in which we live.  And by far the biggest challenge for me is getting rid of the clutter that has been building up over the past year …er years.  Did you know that having clutter in your home can add stress in your life? And I don’t know about you but I don’t need any added stress in my life! So one of my plans for Spring Cleaning is to de-clutter!

And this is what I hope to aspire to in my de-clutter plan:


That kind of helps to simplify things! Just beautiful or useful! So now I’m going to go through my drawers and closets and find things that don’t fit into those two categories. OK ,there might be a couple of exceptions but still… It’s a  start! I’ll probably weed out the bazillion magazines that I thought I’d want to look at again, a few books that are not needed like, “How To Entertain Your Toddler” (since my children are now 37 and 42), old clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years ( yes, I still have some ), and mugs! How many mugs does one really need anyway? And for some strange reason I have about 10 appliance cords that don’t go to any appliance that I still own. Apparently  I was saving them “just in case”.  I am going to give myself “props” for storing these cords in cardboard toilet rolls and then organizing  them in this cute vintage container in the pantry.


But, clearly,  they are out. of. here! Yes, I can feel myself de-stressing already!

And this time I’m not going to wait around for that “some-time” garage sale I might have in the future. No, I’m getting rid of the stuff now! They’re heading to The Salvation Army ASAP! It might take me the whole month of March to get rid of all of it but that’s the plan! I’ll let you know how it’s going later in the month! And just thinking about de-cluttering, my stress level is lowering!    Seriously!

Anyone else ready to take up the challenge to de-clutter? If so, we’d love  to hear what “treasures” you have been saving “just in case”. Maybe a contest to see who has been the “most creative saver”? I think my useless cords in toilet rolls are winning so far!

  And after I’ve de-cluttered, I’m checking my stress level! I’m guessing it will have lowered a few notches. I can feel the calm now!!

March 16, 2014


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Here in Minnesota, the snow is melting and the temps are warming up. Though it’s a bit early to open windows and let in that fresh spring air, it feels like it’s time to think about doing some spring cleaning!

Spring cleaning to me includes organizing messes that have cropped up during the winter months, and doing whatever it takes to streamline tasks and save time. I have found that by tackling just one simple task, I am encouraged and often become motivated to do more!

This weekend, I chose the simple task of cleaning out my make-up drawer. Over the course of time, I had created a mess that looked like a tornado hit! Not only was this unappealing to look at, but the disorganized mess left me frustrated each time I tried to get ready for the day.

Image I emptied the drawer, wiped it down, and placed things back in an orderly fashion (see photos). Completion of this simple task brought me great satisfaction – as I am a big fan of being organized. Now when I reach for a comb, I save time rummaging around, and it brings a smile to my face!

Spring cleaning is a time to declutter, bring freshness, and restore order to your life. What simple project do you know you need to tackle? Jump in and do it – you will be so glad you did!

Let us know about it…we would love to share in your success.


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