Blooming Boomers

October 12, 2014


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Autumn hasn’t “officially” arrived according to the calendar but our activities have definitely changed to a new season. The grandkids are back in school, the pontoon is out of the water and in storage, hubby is back to his three hour a week retirement teaching job at the night school, and our Bible Study groups have begun. The lazy days of summer are behind us and we’re back to a “sort of” schedule. While I enjoy having our laid back summers, being the “organized guru” that I am I also look forward to having a routine in my life. Yeah, call me crazy but there is something about having ordered days, routines, and schedules that appeals to me.

So being the “organized”  person that I am, I like to make a list of intentional things that I want to make sure I do in the Fall. You might call it a Fall Bucket List. I call it an” intentional list” because I don’t want to feel too regimented. There are things that I “intend to do” to make sure I appreciate this new season and everything that goes with it. Things that I look forward to that help me enjoy the moments of the season.







So here’s my list:

1) Make apple crisp and apple pie with my favorite Haralson apples.

2) Take a ride through the country and enjoy the beautiful changing colors of the leaves.

3) Buy a bouquet of Gladiolas to enjoy.

4) Making my Gramma’s famous sweet pickles.

5) Take a walk in the crisp Fall air while kicking up some leaves.

6) Enjoy a fire in the fire pit on a cool evening.

7) Visit the apple orchard with the grandkids, taking a wagon ride to pick our own apples.

8) Decorate the house with some pumpkins. I like the white and blue ones!

9) Walk through a corn maze with the grandkids.

10) Go to the Fall Farmer’s Market and pick out some squash, bittersweet, and other Fall goodies.

Making an intentional list helps make sure the days don’t fly by without experiencing the riches of this season. What’s on your list?


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