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June 7, 2014


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Wow! It’s June! Where did the time go? Even though technically Summer doesn’t start until June 20th, for me, summer officially begins on June 1st. And now it’s here! I’m ready to begin that Summer Bucket list I mentioned in my last post. This is a fun list as well as projects I want to accomplish and more.

I know summer is a carefree time for many and some of you may think I’m being too rigid by making a list. But it helps me to stay intentional, be focused, and actually do the things I had hoped to do. Nevertheless, I also find time for spontaneity. So I do get some balance in my life.

So what is on my Summer Bucket list?  Here are a few things:


1) Gramma Camp!      Every year we have the grandkids for a week of fun! I usually pick a theme and we plan activities around the theme. We make crafts, learn to cook and bake, visit museums or zoos depending on the theme, learn new skills, and just plain have fun! The kids look forward to it every year and so do we! IMG_2164


2)  Getaway for hubby and I celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary! More fun!



3) Cleaning out closets     We are taking one closet a week to downsize. A bit of work but we’re breaking it into small chunks. When this is all done I will feel great!  And that will be the fun part! Here’s the look I’m going for…



4) Go to a 400 mile long yard sale! Yes, to me this is fun!

yard sale



5) Make my Gramma’s cinnamon rolls. I used to make these all the time when my kids were growing up and stopped when the kids left home. They are the best cinnamon rolls  around! The recipe makes about 7 dozen, so I’ll make them and share them.cinn_rolls_alt_540_grande

So these are just a few things I’d I like to have done by the end of the Summer. Nothing spectacular. Just some simple pleasures. They are reasonable and doable and I can enjoy it all! I will feel great by the end of the Summer if I can do these things! But as much as I will attempt these things and more I will not stress if they are not all accomplished. I don’t want the list to stress me out! I have them prioritized so I know what is most important…like Gramma Camp, for example!

So what is on your Summer Bucket list?



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