Blooming Boomers

March 31, 2014


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Spring Cleaning - Blooming Boomers

In our focus on Spring Cleaning, this week we are addressing feeling OVERWHELMED. It probably is something each of us experiences occasionally. When overwhelm happens, we can feel stuck, and are less able to appreciate the joy of living. It’s obvious, then, that it is a good thing to eliminate OVERWHELM – and to clean it out this spring!


Here are some things that I have found helpful when feeling overwhelmed:
1. Be aware of symptoms when they appear.
Examples may include:
• Thinking, “I have way too much do do!”
• A sense that you are “spinning your wheels” and not accomplishing anything.
• Thoughts such as, “Nothing seems to be going right,” or “I can’t handle this!”
• Feeling on edge and impatient with those around you.
• Not being able to think clearly.
• Anger and frustration over inconsequential things.
• The onset of a headache.
• Rapid, shallow breathing.
• Tense muscles in your neck and shoulders.
• Tightness in your chest; rapid heartbeat.
• A clenched jaw.
• An urge to quit and escape from it all!

2. When symptoms of overwhelm appear, STOP AND take a break!
Occasional breaks are important; when you take a break, consider doing the following:

• Shut your eyes (unless you’re driving – yikes!).

• Breathe in deeply (count to five), hold (count to five), exhale slowly (count to five). Do this deep-breathing series at least three times. Taking in more oxygen will help your body begin to relax.

• Drink more water or sip on some herbal tea. Rehydrating your body helps flush out toxins that build up with stress.

• If you have opportunity, take a walk. If not, at least stand and stretch your arms as high as they can go. Move around. Any movement and stretching will help relieve muscle tension.

• If possible, have a light conversation with someone who is encouraging. This gets your mind off all you have to do, and can “reset” your brain from feeling overwhelmed.

• If you are a person of faith, pray and ask God to give you a fresh perspective and to enable you to to handle all you need to today.

• Make a list of all you perceive that you must do.
– Now circle what you know really needs be done today.
– Assess the rest of your list, and ask yourself, “Can I postpone this for another day?” “Can I eliminate the task completely?”

3. Now that you are refreshed, you can begin anew. Look at that list of items you have circled, and prioritize what needs to be done first. Then FOCUS ON ONE TASK AT A TIME, blocking out all interruptions until it is completed. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!




  1. Good reminder as I clean the house, pack for a trip, and try to do too much before leaving! Think I will just let some things go until I get home. Now THAT feels better! ; ). Yes, we also encourage each other! Thanks, Sherrie!


    Comment by sakaco — March 31, 2014 @ 3:16 pm

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