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March 23, 2014

Spring Cleaning for the Mind? – Gratitude

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We’ve been focusing on the subject of spring cleaning – particularly the cleaning out of junk and clutter that accumulates over time in our closets and cupboards. Who doesn’t have that problem?

But did you know that spring cleaning can be applied to cleaning out junk and clutter in our minds as well? This is actually a huge subject, and we could go in many different directions. But I’d like to zero in on just one particular idea right now – the idea of replacing negative thinking (junk) with thoughts of gratitude.

Having a sense of gratitude is of bigger significance than we might realize. When incorporated into one’s thinking, it can expand to take up a great deal of space and clean out a lot of junk in our minds. It can bump out negative stuff such as complaining, criticism, chaos, doubt, despair, and discouragement.

Recently, I heard a question that I thought was thought-provoking: “What if you woke up tomorrow, and all that was left were things for which you’d expressed gratitude?”

Suddenly, seemingly very ordinary things, of which I take for granted, came to mind. A good night’s rest.  A safe and warm home. A hot shower. Electricity. The ability to breathe, and walk, and talk, and feel.  Am I grateful for these things?

And then there are the many things that I deem extraordinary. My privilege to work from home at something I enjoy. My interesting friends. My supportive husband. My extended family. My beautiful children. My loving Heavenly Father. What would I do without these? Do I express gratitude for them?

Including an attitude of gratitude can make a profound difference. It’s a great thing to do, as we look for ways to do some spring cleaning!




  1. Excellent points and MOST of all…it is true! Having an attitude of GRATITUDE makes for a much better LIFE! That is one of the discoveries i made nearly 15 years ago when i got my diagnosis of breast cancer. When one is grateful for the each day and the seemingly small things, WE realize how precious and blessed we REALLY are in so many different ways! Good advice Sherrie! Aloha & Mahalo, Nani

    Comment by Nani Stewart — March 25, 2014 @ 11:37 am

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