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March 18, 2014


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imageWe ‘re tackling Spring Cleaning this month on Blooming Boomers but stick with us and you’ll discover that there is more than your house that could be helped by a good spring cleaning and decluttering!

But today I’m still focusing on the  spaces in which we live.  And by far the biggest challenge for me is getting rid of the clutter that has been building up over the past year …er years.  Did you know that having clutter in your home can add stress in your life? And I don’t know about you but I don’t need any added stress in my life! So one of my plans for Spring Cleaning is to de-clutter!

And this is what I hope to aspire to in my de-clutter plan:


That kind of helps to simplify things! Just beautiful or useful! So now I’m going to go through my drawers and closets and find things that don’t fit into those two categories. OK ,there might be a couple of exceptions but still… It’s a  start! I’ll probably weed out the bazillion magazines that I thought I’d want to look at again, a few books that are not needed like, “How To Entertain Your Toddler” (since my children are now 37 and 42), old clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years ( yes, I still have some ), and mugs! How many mugs does one really need anyway? And for some strange reason I have about 10 appliance cords that don’t go to any appliance that I still own. Apparently  I was saving them “just in case”.  I am going to give myself “props” for storing these cords in cardboard toilet rolls and then organizing  them in this cute vintage container in the pantry.


But, clearly,  they are out. of. here! Yes, I can feel myself de-stressing already!

And this time I’m not going to wait around for that “some-time” garage sale I might have in the future. No, I’m getting rid of the stuff now! They’re heading to The Salvation Army ASAP! It might take me the whole month of March to get rid of all of it but that’s the plan! I’ll let you know how it’s going later in the month! And just thinking about de-cluttering, my stress level is lowering!    Seriously!

Anyone else ready to take up the challenge to de-clutter? If so, we’d love  to hear what “treasures” you have been saving “just in case”. Maybe a contest to see who has been the “most creative saver”? I think my useless cords in toilet rolls are winning so far!

  And after I’ve de-cluttered, I’m checking my stress level! I’m guessing it will have lowered a few notches. I can feel the calm now!!



  1. YouTube has some terrific organizational videos you can watch while you e-mail. 🙂

    Comment by Lela L. — March 18, 2014 @ 9:43 pm

    • Thanks, Lela! I’ll check them out! Always looking for good ideas!

      Comment by sakaco — March 18, 2014 @ 9:53 pm

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