Blooming Boomers

April 28, 2011


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Have you ever heard the phrase “she’s her  own worst enemy”? This can be said of ALL OF US. Why?

Consider the following…

God created a MASTERPIECE IN YOU! He created you IN HIS IMAGE. He gave you PURPOSE . He gave you special ABILITIES AND TALENTS to fullfill your purpose.He gave you an AMAZING MIND from which you can  think and create your life.  He gave you a WONDERFULLY MADE BODY in which to experience the world.He created you with DESIRES that FULLFILL YOUR NEEDS. He gave you a FREE WILL so you can be totally free to love Him back. He sacrificed for you because HE LOVES YOU so much. He created a BEAUTIFUL WORLD full of wonder, adventure, and abundance  in which you may thrive, grow, create, learn, live, enjoy, love, give, and hope. He created the PLANTS AND ANIMALS  to look after, care for, and enjoy. He set everything in PERFECT ORDER and created a RHYTHM to the universe with: DAYS to ENJOY YOUR WORK and NIGHTS to REST; WEEKS with one full day to REST and RELAX; SEASONS to create  times of sowing and reaping; FAMILIES in which to give you a sense of belonging; MOTHERS AND FATHERS to care for you, teach and train you, and model for you how to live this life.He gave you HIS SON to die in your place so you can have a RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM AND ENJOY HIM FOREVER.He gave you HIS SPIRIT to comfort and guide you in this life. He gave you EVERTHING YOU NEED TO LIVE THIS LIFE WITH JOYFULL ABUNDANCE!


We focus on what we DON”T HAVE.  We want it “OUR WAY”, We get envious of what others have. We compare ourselves to others. We can be critical and judgemental. We’re impatient. We worry instead of trust. We grumble and complain when things don’t go our way. I could go on and on but we’ve heard THIS  all before. And anyway, no one likes to be reminded of their BAD ATTITUDES. But I also realize that many circumstances that happen to us in life are not of our own making. We are affected by the sins of others. We live in a sinful world. Life isn’t fair. And yet… we can STILL CHOOSE  OUR ATTITUDE in all circumstances. We can focus on what WE’VE BEEN GIVEN instead of what we don’t have. And on top of THAT, God can turn even the WORST of our circumstances into GOOD, if we’ll let Him. He even FORGIVES us when we mess up if we ask Him! He’s taken CARE OF EVERYTHING if we’ll just get out of our own way!

So this week CELEBRATE AND FOCUS ON WHAT YOU HAVE, WHO YOU ARE, AND WHOSE YOU ARE! EMBRACE ALL THAT HE HAS DONE!  ENJOY THE GIFTS YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN! If you’re still alive, God isn’t finished with you yet so GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! There’s work to be done IN you and BY you!


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  1. thanks for the words that cause one to rearrange ones thoughts.I will reflect on them frequently!!

    Comment by Marge — May 16, 2011 @ 9:49 am

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