Blooming Boomers

April 21, 2011


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The oldest man that had been living in the U.S. has passed away. Walter Breuning was 114 years old at his death. When asked   previously what were the secrets to his long life, one of the things he said is, “Embrace change, even when change slaps you in the face. ” Good advice. Change is inevitable so why not accept it? I’m talking about the kind of change over which we have no control.

Change is everywhere. The tides continue to ebb and flow, we  grow older every day, seasons change, weather changes,  our bodies change, we grow new skin continuously, babies are born every day, people die every day. In fact  everything that is living is changing! To attempt to fight against change is a kind of “insanity” because there is really nothing you can do about it.

But some people  don’t like change. They RESIST CHANGE. They want things to stay the same. Change makes them feel uncomfortable. People are sometimes unwilling to change even when a change could make their lives BETTER.

So here are 7 ways to think about the world you live in to help you accept change:

1) Think of life as an ADVENTURE.    If life is an adventure, it is easier to accept change.

2) Begin NOTICING AND APPRECIATING THE BEAUTY of change in the things that you see every day  in nature. ( the sun sets and rises, seasons change, seeds grow into plants)

3) See change as a  NATURAL part of life’s ebb and flow.

4) Don’t get too “COMFORTABLE” .

5) EMBRACE change.

6) With change, boredom is never a problem. Life is full of excitement.

7) Ask God for the SERENITY to accept the things you cannot change.

If you can see change in the ways described above it will be easier to accept change. You’ll be a more joyful person because of it as well and who knows, maybe you’ll live to be 114!


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