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April 6, 2011


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Are you stressed out or anxious? Are you a worrier? Do you have a difficult time relaxing? Just go to the BEACH!

OK, I know we can’t  just head to the beach to reduce our stress levels. But as I write this I’m vacationing on the beach with the scenery much like the photo here. I left the stress back home. It is SOOOOOO relaxing! But I’ll be going home soon and the scenery, while still beautiful, won’t be quite as relaxing and of course I’ll be much busier and NOT on vacation. So how can I keep this feeling of relaxation and well being with less stress and worry when I’m back home?


Here’s how I’M going to do it and YOU CAN TOO! YOU CAN overcome the negative feelings of stress, anxiety, and worry and FINALLY feel a sense of calm coming over you, feel more relaxed, and end constant worrying. And no, you don’t have to go to the BEACH to feel like this. (Though it DOES help ) Sound good?

I’ll be sharing  here 6 strategies to begin helping you overcome the battle of your thoughts. Yes, it DOES begin in your thought life because your FEELINGS come from your THOUGHTS. And yes it may feel like a battle. But you CAN OVERCOME!

Now I’m not going to pretend that this will happen for you overnight. But as you start practicing these simple exercises on a regular basis you will begin to change your  THINKING so  that it will lead to more of the FEELINGS YOU WANT…PEACE, CALM, AND RELAXATION.

Did you know that we human beings have a minimum of 30,000 thoughts per day? Most of these thoughts we are not even aware of as they come and go through our minds. Some people refer to these thoughts as “self talk”. When I was working with juvenile offenders I found that their  self talk was of thoughts such as, ”  I’m never going to make it”, “I’m  going to mess up just like my Dad”, “Nobody cares whether I live or die”, etc. Their thoughts were of failure, hopelessness, despair, and self-hatred. They  were  “programming”  their minds unknowingly for failure and their feelings and lives were reflecting those thoughts.

As I began to speak hope and belief of a different kind of thinking into their lives, they started to think and act differently. Not that they changed overnight of course but I saw the “power of thought” that began to help them make a shift in  their thinking and how they viewed themselves. They began to see the truth of themselves as having value and for the first time in their lives could envision a life that, with God’s help, could change for the better.

It was this  increased awareness  of the power of our thoughts that caused me to think about what was going on in MY thought life. Are my thoughts always backed up by the TRUTH  or do they also contain a hint of wrong thinking? Might my THOUGHTS be  leading me to worry, stress, and anxiety? I began looking more closely into my own self talk and found that my thoughts didn’t always reflect the peace and serenity that God told us we could have. So I began to work at changing my OWN thinking by using these skills that I had been teaching to help young offenders.

If you’d like to experience more peace and calm in YOUR life, begin by following these 6 simple strategies  to begin changing your self talk. If it can help extreme thoughts like “criminal thinking”, it can also help you with YOUR thinking. So let’s get started..


1) Think about what you’re thinking about.

Start to become aware of your OWN self talk. Are your thoughts those of what is TRUE or do you have “old tapes” of worry and anxiety floating through your mind? Begin to BECOME AWARE of your own thoughts.

2) Recognize the negative self talk. What are you saying to yourself?

Get a notebook and write down the negative thoughts under one column.

3) Replace the negative self talk with the truth and write it down in your notebook.

For example, if your self talk says, “This is too hard and I can’t do it”, remind yourself that you “can do all things through Christ who gives you the strength” and write that down in your notebook opposite the false negative thought. Whenever the negative false thought comes to mind, look in your notebook to remind yourself of the truth and opposite thought.

4) Make a list of sayings or verses ( or it could even be one word ) that will help you focus your thoughts on calming, restful, relaxing thoughts  of truth and memorize them, reminding yourself  of them on a daily basis until they become your ” normal self talk”.

I have the word, “DREAM” in my bedroom, the serenity prayer, and other verses that speak to me  and encourage me.

5) Practice stopping the flow of “streaming negative thoughts” by focusing your mind in the present moment.

Periodically, draw your attention from the thoughts in your mind to focus  ALL YOUR ATTENTION AND THOUGHTS on what is present RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Pick out an object near you and become aware of everything about it. Notice the colors, shapes, lines, spaces, and design of the object, seeing as an artist sees, bringing your full attention to the object and into the present moment.

6) Think of a place that brings “relaxation” to mind and put your full attention on it to reduce stress.

It  may be a place where you vacation or a comfy spot in a special corner of a room in your home. Envision this place in your thoughts as you daydream about this place, the sounds, smells, the touch, beautiful serene surroundings. Whenever you need a “stress reliever” bring up this image in your mind and recreate the images in your mind, including the smells, sounds, etc.

These are only 6 strategies that will help you use your “thought life” to  find a more calming response to the stresses of life. There are many more ways that we’ll be covering in the future so keep following us here and tell your friends also.

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