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March 29, 2011

Spring Cleaning – 3 Projects to Lift Your Spirits This Spring

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Spring is officially here! This is a big deal in Minnesota. As the sun begins to melt the snow and warm the earth – so it begins to warm our hearts. The gentle rains come and wash away the old and dirty and bring freshness and newness. As the earth renews outside, this season gets me motivated to do some spring cleaning inside.

Over the winter, stuff can accumulate and bog me down. We all have stuff, don’t we? Too much stuff! Occasionally, too much stuff can become overwhelming. When that happens, it’s time to take ACTION!

Chances are, one of the following projects is one that you need to tackle. Pick one that you can most identify with and jump in. By completing just one of these, or any other cleaning project of your choice, I guarantee that you will feel better. It will lift your spirits this spring. Make the most of the opportunity at hand.

A messy space can feel overwhelming!

Do you have a desk or table overflowing with clutter? It’s time to take action. Grab a bag for trash and a box or two in which to place stuff you need to keep. Without even looking through items yet, stack similar items together for now. Stack of all your bills and other envelopes. Then sort papers, magazines, and books into separate piles. Throw away any obvious trash. Put office supplies back in your desk where they belong. Take cups to the kitchen, and transport any other random stuff back to where it belongs. Now take a look – you’ve already made some progress! Wipe clean the surface with a damp cloth. If you have more time right now, sit down and begin to go through the piles you have made, one item at a time. Place important, time sensitive items you need to deal with in one of your boxes (such as bills, invitations). Place stuff you simply want to save for later in another. The new organized space will empower you!

Maybe you have a hall closet brimming with miscellaneous stuff. Or maybe it’s your clothes closet in the bedroom that is bogging you down. Either way, tackling this job can not only lift your spirits, but can benefit others in need. Dedicate some time for the task at hand. Maybe put on some upbeat music. Then dig in. You will need some space to pull out everything. When empty, sweep or vacuum the floor, and wipe down any shelves. Now designate space or containers labeled SAVE, THROW, GIVE AWAY. If it’s clothing, get over the notion that “maybe someday I’ll wear it again.” If you haven’t worn it in years, let it go! It can be donated to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Someone else will appreciate it more than you do. Sort and stack or hang like items together. I like the general tip I heard once: Whenever something new comes into the house, something old should go out! Creating some space again in your closet will make you feel wonderful!

Ok. Even the most conscientious homemaker occasionally needs to do a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator. Depending on how many people store their food in there, random containers of food who-knows-how-old can begin to take over. This project requires diligence to complete in a timely fashion, since the food should not be out of the refrigerator too long. Remove everything, including drawers. With a damp cloth, wipe down each surface. Now, check expiration dates on items such as salad dressings and dairy products, and toss as your common sense dictates. Certainly clean out old leftovers that no longer have appeal. Sort items by category. One tip I find helpful is to use a plastic container in which to keep sandwich meats and cheeses. This can be pulled out as needed to make a quick sandwich. Cleaning out the refrigerator allows you to see just how healthy your food choices are. Do you have a drawer full of fresh fruits and vegetables? If not, you now have some room to stock up on food that is good for you and your family!

If you complete a spring cleaning project, let us know about it. We’d love to hear about how it lifted your spirits this spring and how you made the most of the opportunity.



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