Blooming Boomers

September 29, 2010


With the focus this week on our HOMES, Sandy had some good questions in the last post to think about regarding intentionally creating a warm atmosphere in the space we call home.
I have thought about what is important to me in making my own home a welcoming space and have come up with three categories that I would like to focus on. They are simply:  Family & Friends, Food, and Flowers. I came up with three goals for my home based on these categories.

Collage of my family

First, my FAMILY means the world to me, and like Sandy, my husband and I are empty-nesters so when family is around, we try to make it special.  Unlike Sandy, both of my sons and their honeys live about four and a half hours away, so times together do not happen as frequently as I’d like. To keep them ever in my mind, my first goal is to feature photos of my family throughout my home. I created this collage just last weekend in our family room.

It is designed with the hope that the collage will GROW with more photos as we begin to have grandchildren in the years ahead!

My second goal regarding my home is to have a space that is decluttered and orderly enough so that if someone drops by, I feel comfortable inviting them inside.

Simple flower centerpiece on kitchen island

I have a center island in my kitchen and this is a space that people naturally gravitate to. When I am not working in the kitchen, it brings me joy to keep this island uncluttered, and display a centerpiece of some kind. In the summertime, I delight in featuring fresh-cut flowers from my garden. Now that fall is upon us, I am down to a single zinnia,

but will soon feature a bowlful of apples from a local orchard. My entire home is not always clutter-free, but having at least this one visually appealing space makes me feel calm and happy. I also like to keep the coffeepot on, or make a quick cup of tea, to share with friends who visit.

My third goal is to celebrate life by enjoying good food together. Whether all the family is here, a group of friends, or just my husband and me, I like to celebrate our time together over food. We have become a bit more conscious of eating healthier and, this year, my husband grew a small vegetable garden. He “harvested” our green pepper crop yesterday, which amounted to three peppers!  🙂   Because I work long days in my home office on Mondays and Tuesdays, my dear husband generally prepares the evening meal on those days. (Yes, he’s a saint!) Well, he got motivated to use those fresh peppers, and found a recipe he wanted to try.

My husband's stuffed green peppers

When he called me to supper, he had created this yummy meal of stuffed green peppers. We enjoyed it immensely (with leftovers for tonight), and nothing is better than vegetables fresh from the garden.

I hope by sharing these simple goals I have for my home, you will be inspired to intentionally create your own. If you’d like to share a favorite goal that you have, please send it as a comment. We can all benefit from each other’s ideas.




  1. Sherrie,
    I enjoy Blooming Boomers and really connected with what you said today. I have the pictures on all of the walls of my children/grandchildren. I have a garden room that is my special place and you are so right about having a clutter-free room to relax in. I can make a royal mess with my Avon business but I can step away to look out the window or relax in my favorite chair. My garden room is my reward for getting orders processed and brochures stamped.
    I have a great husband but unfortunately, he does not cook at all so can’t connect with you on that one!!

    Comment by Pat Howard — October 5, 2010 @ 8:35 am

    • Thanks, Pat, for your comments. I am glad you enjoy reading the blog. I chuckled that you said you could not connect with the idea of your husband cooking, but that he is still great. 🙂

      Comment by bloomingboomers — October 6, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

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