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September 22, 2010


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OK, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty now. Sandy has encouraged you to write down some specific personal goals (in the

Tools to help you toward your goals

area of your mind, body, and spirit). Have you done that yet? If you’re like me, maybe you jotted down something on whatever scrap of paper you had handy, and now you can’t find it. Sound familiar?

Let me encourage you to take the following simple step if you haven’t already. Grab a spiral notebook, a handful of index cards, and a pen. Chances are, you can come up with these items without going shopping. You might want to go to your recipe file and pull out a few empty recipe cards instead of index cards. (What better card to use, since you are writing down recipes for your life?)

These basic tools will help you become powerful and effective in your goal-setting because you can refer to them again and again to remind yourself of what you are heading toward. They will help you:


I teach a class called, “Live Life by Design, Not by Default.” In the class, I pass out index cards and have the participants write down goals as they come to mind. Then they sort the goals into categories and clip them together by category. The index cards are kept in a simple envelope, so that they can be tucked in a safe spot or put in a purse to refer to again and again. When a goal is reached, you can toss that card, or maybe you would like to mount it on a display board to show how much you’ve accomplished! New cards can be added over time as you formulate new goals. It is such a simple concept to use index cards, but very effective. I love it.

As far as the notebook, this is for journaling. I do not like fancy journals because then I feel like I have to be careful in what I write. I like the good ol’ plain spiral notebooks that you can get for 15 cents in the fall during back-to-school sales. Then you can write and write and feel free to rip out stuff you don’t want to keep. I have been writing in spiral notebooks since 1979, and now have collected a box full of precious memories of my life.

Writing daily is best, but just occasionally is fine, too. It is good to write down ideas and dreams and brainstorm on paper. It is also good to write things down when you are trying to work through a difficult situation. Writing often brings clarity to the issue. Sometimes I write out prayers. Then, I can look back and see how God actually worked things out in answer to my prayers!

Anyway, I suggest you write out your personal goals on the index cards for this week. Keep them in a place where you can refer to them again and again. DO what you have written on the card. Then do it again the next day! As Sandy said, it takes about 30 days to form a habit. Watch what happens when you discipline yourself to accomplish a specific goal.




  1. I have also been keeping journals for years. At times I will go back and read what happened in my life a year ago, 6 months etc. I like to see how things have changed over time in my life, and where my sons are in their life to.

    Comment by cheryl — September 23, 2010 @ 10:10 am

    • Cheryl,

      Isn’t it wonderful to have that written reference on your journey in life, which includes all the people you love? Thanks for your comment on how you also keep a journal. Priceless.


      Comment by bloomingboomers — September 23, 2010 @ 12:12 pm

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