Blooming Boomers

August 23, 2010


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GRATITUDE can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into JOY, and change ordinary opportunities into BLESSINGS.   William Aruthur Ward

Would you like to change your feelings in a moment? Then make a list of things for which you are grateful. As the quote above says your days can be turned into thanksgivings, JOY, and blessings!

How can this happen? Well, let’s look at a simple example and find out. Suppose you were planning a picnic with your family. You get up in the morning, pack a beautiful picnic basket with delicious prepared food,everybody is excited with the anticipation of a family outing  and you look outside and it’s RAINING. Not a little rain but a daylong downpour, raining cats and dogs, the no-picnic-today kind of rain. Of course there is the  first disappointment of having your plans dashed but then you have two basic options:

You can gripe, complain, pout, and rant on about how your day is RUINED and maybe your thoughts go like this, ” I can’t believe it! We’ve planned this fun time together and NOW IT”S RAINING! Our day is ruined! We’re not going to have the fun that we had planned. Why does this always have to happen to us? Why did it have to rain TODAY? Now what are we going to do?” Your feelings would be  kind of “down” with this outlook.

Now consider GRATITUDE as an attitude to display in this example. Maybe your thoughts would be like this,” Well, it’s raining but that’s not going to ruin our plans! We’re going to have a picnic right here on the floor inside the house.  I’m grateful for my warm cozy home. We’ll change our plans and make it FUN! I’m grateful that we have the IMPORTANT ingredients for a happy time together, our loving family and our creativity and oh, yeah, GREAT FOOD! I’m also grateful that rain has been provided for the grass and now I won’t have to water as much. It also can be fun to look at and I know the grandkids will LOVE to splash in the puddles later.” Your feelings after THESE THOUGHTS would be more uplifted.

You can always find things for which to be grateful, even in undesirable circumstances. And your gratitude can change your thoughts in a moment. So why not LIVE with an attitude of gratitude ALL THE TIME? Keep a GRATITUDE JOURNAL and every day make a list of things for which you are grateful. It will get your mind focused on the proper attitude and your feelings will follow.



  1. YES, YES, YES! Gratitude will change your heart, your mind and your OUTLOOK on Life. Since 1999 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, I’ve decided on two things. One, our earthly LIFE is Short. Way too short to wollow in the negative. Second, that I was going to be GRATEFUL for each DAY.

    So, when I awaken EACH day and before I get out of bed, I say, “THANK YOU for THIS NEW DAY”. Then, when I hop into bed at the end of the day, I simply say, “THANK YOU for THIS DAY that I’ve just Lived”. As I drift off to sleep I list those moments and/or people that have made my day memorable. Most times, I get to only 3 things with a smile on my face and good feeling in my heart. And before I know it, I’m waking up the next morning.
    With Gratitude for All those Blooming Moments of Life,

    Comment by Nani — August 23, 2010 @ 8:55 am

  2. Wow, Nani, you are an INSPIRING example of living with GRATITUDE! I’m grateful to have you as a friend! Thanks for sharing! sandy

    Comment by sakaco — August 23, 2010 @ 9:17 am

  3. I also thank God quite often for things I have, family, friends, a job, my health. I say a prayer every night before I go to sleep.

    Comment by cheryl — August 23, 2010 @ 9:25 am

  4. I want to resound what Nani said above: “YES,YES,YES!” Gratitude is a powerful tool in anybody’s mouth. In July my family lost a beloved son, brother, father, friend and a special person to all who knew him. He was only fifty-one years of age. He died alone, during the night, as the result of a heart attack. All this tragedy, and he would be the first to tell you how important it is to be grateful for all that we have because nobody gets out of this life–alive! Two weeks later, a dear, dear friend of mine died of cancer, leaving behind many of us grieving for her. All this tragedy–and I know that she too would tell you to be grateful for every moment we have our friends and family–for every moment we have to live; to spend time thinking about and looking for ways to let others know how important they are to us. Proverbs 23:7a tells us that as we think in our hearts–so are we … Our very thoughts generate feelings which motivate us to actions. Spending time thinking about how grateful we are to God for all that we have and are is the surest way to find ourselves generously blessed. ShariLee

    Comment by ShariLee — August 23, 2010 @ 10:33 am

  5. Cheryl,

    Great reminder! These daily thanks help remind us of all the good things we DO have in our lives and we then appreciate them even more! Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Sandy — August 23, 2010 @ 10:37 am

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss, ShariLee. It’s hard losing people you love. We are also grieving over the loss of two family members in the last months. Seeing things from God’s perspective gives us all courage to press forward and we have all talked about how we have all been blessed even though we have to go through trials like this.

    I agree about our thoughts generating our feelings also so if we’re focused on the thoughts of God, we can’t help but feel blessed by God. Have a great weekend! Sandy

    Comment by sakaco — August 27, 2010 @ 11:16 pm

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