Blooming Boomers

July 15, 2010


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Friday again and I’m here with my list. This week the list is….


1) YOU MAY LIVE LONGER          Remember the study done on longevity that showed the number one trait of people living to be 100 years old was the trait of curiosity…

2) YOU MAY BE HAPPIER             People who are always curious and interested in the adventure of life are often more fulfilled and get more enjoyment out of life

3) YOU’LL LEARN MORE        If you’re curious to know more, you will end up have a greater knowledge of things

4) YOU MAY BECOME A MORE INTERESTING PERSON    When you have more interest in a variety of things as you seek to know and understand more, you’ll  become a more interesting person.

5) YOU WILL FIND MORE TRUTH   People who are curious don’t just take other people’s word for things. They want to discover  for themselves.

This is just a small list though there are countless more reasons to develop the trait of curiosity. Make a decision today to  intentionally be a more curious person and discover for yourself its benefits!

NEW RESOURCES PAGES   Check out our new RESOURCE PAGES  where we share web sites to check out and free resources. Look to the side bar on the right and click on BLOOMING BOOMERS RESOURCE PAGES!

I also wanted to share with you this giant hydrangea that I purchased! Have a great weekend!  Sandy


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