Blooming Boomers

June 28, 2010


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Let me tell thee, time is a very precious gift of GOD; so precious that it’s only given to us MOMENT by MOMENT.   Amelia Barr

In our workshop, The Garden Of Your Mind, we’ve been talking about how the seeds planted in a garden are like the thoughts we plant in our minds. And one of the things that flowers and other plants need in a garden is…THE SUN! The flowers “sit there” and SOAK UP THE SUN and the much needed nutrients that are provided. Like the flowers, sometimes we need to just sit and soak up what is right in front of us. We need to let our minds “feed” on the beauty and the joy RIGHT BEFORE OUR VERY EYES! Often, though, even the beauty that God provides through our world gets lost in the  worries, anxious thoughts,stress, and forebodings of our minds. How often have you spent time worrying about some FUTURE event that never happened?  And often our thoughts of the PAST may end up being thoughts of guilt, sadness, bitterness etc.  We cannot even SEE the beauty that is right in front of us because our thoughts get in the way. That is not what God intended us to use our minds for.

Yes, we may have   good thoughts of the future and the past as in good memories or future  planned fun events and that is good. But we can’t LIVE there. And God DID give us imaginations but we need to  use them INTENTIONALLY and FOR GOOD, and then move into our REAL LIVES.

Our lives are made up of MOMENTS. These moments of time make up our hours, and then days, weeks, months, and years of our lives. What we choose to dwell on in the MOMENTS will eventually make up our lives. We must step out of our thoughts and step into the PRESENT MOMENT which is right in front of us.

Have you ever gotten into your car and driven, with your mind on other things, and then arrived at your destination without a conscious thought of the drive over there? When you’re driving and thinking about other things in your mind, you MISS what is happening in the MOMENTS OF DRIVING. Just as in your drive, you can also  MISS OUT on the JOY OF REAL LIVING when you’re just living life in your thoughts.

If you’re a worrier, you are actually living life in your thoughts as opposed to living in the present moment. I’ve been “practicing” living more in the present moment and have found that there is JOY in the MOMENT. After doing this often I can even feel a “shift”. I can intentionally move out of my thoughts and into the present and I can actually feel a “lightness” in my mind as opposed to letting worried thoughts just swirl in my head which can leave me feeling quite bogged down if I let it. Maybe you’ve experienced this ” bogged down” feeling when you have felt “weighed” down by MANY WORRIES.  The Bible even describes a person as “being choked” by worries. Maybe you’d describe your worried mind differently but however you describe the feeling, it feels much better to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

In one of my other posts I described how to step out of the moment and into the present by looking at and describing to yourself that which is present, like a tree for example. Look at the tree as an artist would ,seeing the movement of its branches, the different colors, examining it IN DETAIL. Taking the time to focus on the tree and examine it keeps your thoughts on the tree that is here and now and keeps you in the present.

You know the old saying that “time flies when you’re having fun”? It means that when you are ENJOYING that moment in your life, you become UNAWARE of time. It seems like time ceases to exist because you are living in the present moment during these times. We need to experience more of those kinds of moments!

Practice living in the MOMENT and experience the freedom that we were meant to have. Not trapped in our mind’s thoughts or our conditioned habits of thought but free to enjoy what is in front of us. God has said His name is, “I AM”. Not “I was” or “I will be”. That is because He ALWAYS IS! He is ETERNAL! Someone once said that living in the present is like living in eternity because it’s just full of moments. If living in The PRESENT is like living in eternity and that is where God is , that is where I want to be living right now.

Have a great week and ” SOAK UP THE SUN”!   Sandy

( had to correct some mistakes  so I’m sending this out again )


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