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June 14, 2010

Being Intentional – Part 1

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All the FLOWERS of all the tomorrows are in the SEEDS of today.  Indian Proverb

I’m sorry about getting this out a day later than promised. I had to make two trips to the Cities over the weekend, one for my granddaughter, Ashley’s basketball game and one to pick up my daughter, Elissa, and her husband, Jon, as they were returning from China. They will be staying with us until they return to China in 6 weeks.

Last week we talked about getting rid of the negative and untruthful thoughts that might be running through our minds. This week we’re focusing on being INTENTIONAL in what we DO want to put in our minds.

If you were growing a beautiful garden, what kind of flowers would you like to have in it?  My favorite flower at the moment happens to be hydrangeas. I would LOVE a garden  full of blue hydrangeas. So here’s what I would do to INTENTIONALLY plan to get the result I want. First I would make sure the soil was the proper kind to produce BLUE hydrangeas. Then I would go and find the best seeds that would produce the best hydrangeas to plant in my garden. This seems rather straight forward and obvious, right? We reap what we sow.

Our minds work in the same way. Just as we are able to choose what seeds we will plant in our gardens, God has given us the INCREDIBLE  ABILITY  to INTENTIONALLY choose  ( this is our FREEWILL  at work ) the kind of person we want to be and it begins with our ability to choose what THOUGHTS we want to THINK!  Often, however, our thoughts come bombarding  our minds and we just act on them WITHOUT THINKING. Let me give you an example that helped ME to see this more clearly.

For many years I worked with juvenile offenders. They would decide with their minds to move their lives in a different direction, they would even  make a decision to become Christians, and they would begin to move forward in many positive ways. Then OUT OF THE BLUE they would do something that was just the OPPOSITE of the way they said they wanted to go. I would find myself asking more times than I can count, “WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?”. Now to me this was a colloquial expression meaning something like, “What in the world did you do THAT for?”  But because English was not their first language and they were not always understanding of our colloquial expressions, they always took me LITERALLY. They would stop and try to think of what they  were LITERALLY thinking at the time they did something well, let’s say, “stupid”. Then they would reply,” I don’t know. I WASN’T THINKING. IT JUST HAPPENED!” This common scenario made me begin to try to understand  what “WERE THEY ACTUALLY THINKING?”!!!  Eventually  I realized that when they THOUGHT they WEREN’T THINKING, they were really going on automatic pilot and their  OLD STINKIN ( criminal ) THINKIN went into gear without them even realizing their thoughts. So we had to backtrack and find out what old thoughts they had  grown up with or” adopted” because they were in the wrong environment. Many of them had grown up in criminal families, had been abused, neglected, grew up in war torn countries where survival was the mode and “lying” was a matter of survival. Clearly, they had thoughts that did not fit in with the life they wanted to live. They might have REALLY wanted a beautiful garden of blue hydrangeas but weeds had already been planted previously that had eventually taken over. No amount of “wanting” would change this. They had to dig up the old weeds and plant NEW seeds of beautiful flowers. And they had to be VERY INTENTIONAL  about this and WORK ON IT DAILY!

We may have not come from the same difficult backgrounds as these kids, and so our automatic thoughts might not revert to  criminal thinking.  But if you have ever wanted to change something in your life and you found it difficult, it may have been that you needed to change your  THINKING.We have to INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE the kind of person we want to be and then INTENTIONALLY plant the thoughts that will get us what we want. When we let our minds go “on automatic pilot” we might not have the criminal thinking thoughts but we DO have OUR old thoughts that keep us STUCK in the same way.

Do you want a peaceful, serene mind, full of  inspiration, loving, grateful, encouraging, full of joy….? If you don’t INTENTIONALLY make a decision  as to what KIND of person you want to be and PLANT THE PROPER SEEDS, you will go on automatic pilot and you will BE THE PERSON YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN. We COULD be enjoying more of the JOY that we were meant to have. Henry David Thoreau said, ” I know of no more ENCOURAGING fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by a CONSCIOUS ( intentional ) endeavor.” THIS IS GOOD NEWS, folks!” It means we can ACTUALLY LEARN how to be the kind of person we want to be. You don’t need to be stuck anymore with ( fill in the blank ) !

Decide NOW that as we move through this workshop, that you will make an INTENTIONAL decision to choose  JOYFUL LIVE-GIVING THOUGHTS so that you will have a joyful life-giving LIFE! Stick with this workshop and you’ll learn how to “BE THE BEST YOU” you can be!


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