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June 10, 2010

5 Habits To Rid Yourself Of Negative Thinking

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We are at the end of WEEK ONE in our series, “The Garden Of your Mind” . Each week we will work on a different topic, this week’s  topic being “Getting Rid Of Negative Thinking” ( clearing out the weeds ). At the end of each week we will have a” FIVE ON FRIDAY “and give 5 different ideas for that week’s topic that will help you “practice” what we’ve talked about. But before I give you that list I want to share an example that illustrates how directly your feelings stem from your thoughts. Whenever we have a feeling come over us, it comes from a thought. We may not even be aware of the thought but it is there nonetheless. So here’s the illustration:

You see Mary, someone you know, as you’re walking down the street. You smile and say hello. She  does not respond or even look up but continues on her way. So here are three possible thoughts you might have about this situation:

1) Thought:         She is so rude! She didn’t even smile or say hi! Who does she think she is!

Possible feelings:            Annoyed ( or even angry )       Sad            Caring

2) Thought:          Mary doesn’t like me. I must  not be  a very likeable person. I wish I had more friends.

Possible feelings:           Annoyed ( or angry )           Sad           Caring

3)  Thought:        Something must be wrong with Mary.  Maybe something bad happened and she can’t even look up.

Possible feelings:            Annoyed ( or angry )           Sad           Caring

Do you see how the THOUGHT led to the FEELING?

Our goal this week is to help you get rid of  negative thinking  ( we call it STINKIN’ THINKIN’ ). So here’s my FIVE ON FRIDAY list for you:

Five Habits To Develop  To Help You Get Rid Of STINKIN’ THINKIN’

1) Begin to RECOGNIZE your FEELINGS as they come over you.           It may be just a faint feeling of “being down in the dumps” but recognize it and NAME it. “I’m feeling ….”

2) Pay ATTENTION to the THOUGHTS that run through your mind….. especially after you  recognize a NEGATIVE  feeling. Ex: ” I just felt a little wave of sadness come over me.”   The thought was:  ” I don’t like what’s happening”

3) Ask yourself if your THOUGHT is TRUE.                   Your thought; ” I can’t do ANYTHING!”     The truth:” I’m good at MANY things. ”

4) Practice being” IN THE  PRESENT MOMENT”.        Do this by stopping your inner thoughts ( ESPECIALLYwhen you are making ‘worry movies’ in your mind ) and LOOK AT and FOCUS ON something beautiful ( especially something in nature like a tree or flower ).” Consider the lilies, how they grow…” And WATCH  as if you’re EXAMINING for the first time the movement of the leaves in the wind, how the branches of a tree sway softly in the breeze, the intricate beauty of a flower and their bright color that explodes with beauty. This is not some weird  “woo woo” kind of thing. It’s a simple exercise that will help you get your attention into what is right in front of you.  Do this until the experience itself makes you SMILE. If you don’t smile, you need lots more practice being IN THE MOMENT! But don’t worry, just keep practicing!    P.S. If  you can’t find a tree or flower, look at the many on our site here.    And share with us when you feel the” transition” or shift in your mind of being in the moment and experiencing the good feeling it brings… if even for a short time.

Children live in the present moment. They don’t lay in bed at night wondering what tomorrow will bring. You can actually experience THEIR JOY  WITH THEM as they discover what is right in front of them! Being with children is another way to be in the moment if you are experiencing their JOY with their discoveries. It takes you out of “yourself” and into THEIR  PRESENT MOMENT WORLD.

5)  Make a list of  TEN POSITIVE things that are TRUE  about yourself.            If you’re not feeling that great about yourself right now this might seem difficult but remind yourself that even THAT is STINKIN’ THINKIN’!  : )

Here’s a start:  1)  I have GREAT VALUE!

2)  I have the POTENTIAL to do AMAZING things!

3) I am growing a garden of LOVELY THOUGHTS of TRUTH in my mind….  ( assuming you are really doing this! )

If you doubt the first two, DON’T! I picked out things that are true of ALL of us human beings!  Now if you happen to be an orangutang…

Keep these truths about yourself with you or taped where you will see them and read them aloud several times a day. This may seem rather strange. But think of this as the FERTILIZER that will help the beautiful flowers in your garden grow and help you get rid of those nasty weeds! It really works! But why out loud, you ask? And won’t everyone think I’m CRAZY?  Well, they might, but first of all don’t be concerned with what everyone else  thinks!  Second, you do this out loud because there is something powerful about speaking out loud.

Keep practicing these 5 things! They are really HABITS  that need to be developed. Don’t give up!  : )

GIVE-AWAY      You can still sign up for our Give-Away which we have extended! Sign up on the May 1st post where you’ll find what to do and what the gifts are!

Have a GREAT weekend and we’ll see you Monday! Tell your friends about the workshop!  Sandy


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