Blooming Boomers

June 8, 2010


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Following our garden theme, we are reminded that we need to clear out the weeds before we can nurture our beautiful garden. The weeds are negative thoughts and the garden is our mind. We want to create an atmosphere which will best nurture positive growth in the garden of our mind.

As already mentioned in part one, we must first be aware of the presence of those weeds. As we become more aware of negative thoughts, we can deliberately remove them from the fertile soil of our minds. Negative thoughts and untruths can spring up after lying dormant for years, even going back to our childhood.

Some weeds that sprout forth in our day-to-day lives seem to be more prolific than others. Negative thoughts such as worry, anxiousness, pride, anger, and low self-esteem have already been mentioned. These particular weeds can grow quickly and overshadow what is good. It is important to remove them while they are yet small!

But did you know that sometimes even GOOD things must be cleared out to make room in our garden? For example, if you have ever had the experience of growing carrots, you know that once the seeds have grown into young seedlings, they must be thinned out. This is to make room for those carrots that remain in the fertile soil to grow into the large, healthy produce they were meant to be!

DECLUTTERING our lives is an important part of clearing out the negative. Too much of even good things cause us to feel scattered and depleted. We, like the carrots in our garden, need room to grow properly. We need some space in our lives. We need some down time. We need to simplify, so that we can bring calm and order back into our lives. (We will talk more about that later in this series.)

What things in your life (maybe even good things) can you consider pulling out and getting rid of? Clear out the weeds. Declutter. Simplify. Bring to order. Make room for the good things to grow!



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