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May 20, 2010

Five On Friday

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You’ll never have any MENTAL MUSCLE if you don’t have any heavy stuff to pick up.   Diane Lane

Working Our Muscles

Just as we have to exercise our legs to gain muscle in our legs, we have to exercise our minds and brains to gain mental muscle. So how do we exercise our mental muscle?   Here are five ways to do just that for our Five On Friday!

1) Teach a class Our mind gets exercise  when we do something where we have to think differently. Studies show that teaching helps to do just that. Instead of learning for ourselves, we have to think about how we’ll present  material to someone else. Whether it’s a Sunday School class,a Bible Study, or a Community Ed class teaching is the “heavy stuff” we need to “pick up” in order to exercise our minds.

2) Read, Read, Read Reading is another way to stretch and work our mental muscle.

3) Do crossword puzzles

4) Work on memory recall Practicing exercises that work on your memory are not only good for you in the long run, they also help you remember in the more immediate time frame

5) Be in the moment Yes, I said it again. It is SO IMPORTANT  it bears repeating. Keep working on this. It takes practice. We will tell you more about HOW to do this in our ” Garden Of The Mind” seminar.

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