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May 12, 2010

The Joy of Gardening

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The photo shown here is a print of the painting that I have hanging in our living room. It was painted by a woman named June Dudley and is called “The Secret Garden”.  I love it because it shows a lush and beautiful flower garden. I have loved gardens for as long as I can remember.

What is it about a garden that is so appealing? For me, it is a number of things.

First, I love to plan and dream. Gardening allows a little of both. Who isn’t tempted to peruse the colorful catalogs that come in the mail, touting beautiful, healthy flowers, vegetables, or even trees laden with fruit? It’s fun to dream about those plants growing in MY garden! All I have to do is buy those special seeds and young plants. Then the real fun begins.

My husband willingly tills the soil as I decide what will go where. I read the seed packets diligently, noting how much sun and spacing will be required. Then I note how BIG each plant is expected to grow. After considering all these factors, we both get busy and actually plant the seeds and young plants.

Then we watch and wait. That’s another thing I love about a garden – the joyful expectation of what lies ahead! Something fresh and new.  Of course, during the wait, we pull weeds and water and fertilize and spray stinky stuff to keep the deer away. But how satisfying it is to watch the garden gradually begin to turn into a thing of beauty!

The analogies of a garden to life are many. We plan and dream and prepare. Then we work diligently at something we are passionate about to produce something that is satisfying and new and beautiful. June Dudley says about her work, “I am very passionate about my art. I love painting!”

It is why Sandy and I are passionate about the concepts of “The Garden of Your Mind”. We look forward to sharing them with you.


By the way, check out more of the beautiful art by June Dudley at her website:


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