Blooming Boomers

May 9, 2010


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What MOTIVATES you? What INSPIRES you? What EXCITES you? What makes you EAGER to get out of bed every morning? What are you CURIOUS about? What makes you want to KNOW more? What makes you WONDER?

If you can answer even ONE of these questions, that is where you need to plant the seed of learning.  It seems that my learning always begins when I see a need. Whether that need is one that I encounter  personally or one I see in the world in general. I recognize the need and I ask myself, ” How can this need be met?” Then my mind goes into action trying to figure out some answers. It is at this point that I WONDER what will work. I become CURIOUS  about what will help and I want to KNOW more! I become MOTIVATED to find the answer! I get INSPIRED by what I’ve learned so far!  I’m even more EXCITED now about finding solutions! I feel EAGER to get out of bed to learn more!

We’ve been talking about continuing to keep our minds active and continuing to learn and the best place to begin is to find  ONE THING that inspires you, or motivates you,  or causes you to be curious, or causes you to wonder, etc. If you don’t know what it is yet, start looking for  it NOW. It does not have to be some great or grand thing. But when you put that little “seed” in your mind, something begins to happen. And when you “nurture  that little seed”, a sprout of an idea comes up and begins to grow. And before long a beautiful flower of  inspiration blossoms and soon you have a mind blooming with excitement!

But I’m getting a head of myself here! We’ll be  talking about these things in “The Garden of Your Mind” in our upcoming seminar starting in June. We hope to inspire you ahead of time to be thinking about the possibilities that nurturing your mind can bring! So begin thinking of something that might answer at least one of the questions above. And prepare to grow a beautiful garden in your mind like the beautiful blossoms shown here.


And don’t forget to sign up for our Give-Away! Check out the May 1st post to see prizes and rules!

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