Blooming Boomers

May 7, 2010

5 Reasons You Should Never Stop Learning

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Don’t go through life,

GROW through life.  Eric Butterworth

Well, here we go with our first, FIVE ON FRIDAY! Each Friday we will share 5 tips about some aspect of being a blooming boomer.

Now, one thing I have to say first ,and we may have mentioned this before, but I’ll mention it again here while we’re talking about learning: We are not claiming to be experts! But we HAVE experienced some things in life that have helped US in understanding more about “blooming” and we love  sharing those things! We get excited about them  and  we’re both excited about  continuing to learn NEW things and we hope that desire continues for the rest of our lives! At least that is one of the goals we each have. So we are trying to encourage YOU to have this same goal for YOUR lives because while your BODY DOES grow old, your MIND and SPIRIT don’t have to!

So what are the reasons you should never stop learning? Here are 5 but I’m sure there are many more:

1) Decreases your chances of getting Alzheimers. Studies are showing that if you keep your mind active  there is  less likelihood of getting this horrible disease. It’s the” use it or lose it” phenomenon. This is really the ONLY reason you need, but I’ll give you 4 more.

2) You will be a happier, and more contented person. People who are  actively engaged in life and stretching and growing are happier than those who are not.

3) It makes you a more interesting, creative, and well- rounded person.

4) It’s just plain FUN! And who doesn’t want more fun in their lives?

5) You have a CHOICE about it. As we grow older, we often have less choice in our lives such as… well… growing older!  Choosing to use our minds and spirits to learn and grow in wisdom and knowledge is something we can do even as our bodies slow down. As long as you have the ability, CHOOSE to learn and grow!

One of the things that has interested ME to learn about for some time now is the subject of how the mind works. So I’ve continued to read, take workshops, talk to people and learn as much as I can about the mind and I’ll never learn all there is to know about it so that in itself will keep me on the learning path. In fact this very topic is what brought Sherrie and I together to start blogging, writing articles, and hopefully in the future to write a book. And in the meantime we keep learning and passing on information to each other  that we’ve found. We’re having a great time! We hope you’ll join in the fun!  Keep Growing!      Sandy


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