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March 19, 2010

Workshop Ends…Watch for… SPRING LAUNCH

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Today we end the 12 session workshop. This is one workshop out of a three part series entitled, “The Joyful Life”. The goal of THIS session was to look at all aspects of your life ( abilities, values, priorities, etc. ) including your life’s dreams. It helps to get things down on paper to see things more clearly. After that we looked at the “whys” of your dreams. This helps to give even more clarity to what you REALLY want. When you know what you REALLY want you can be more intentional in making choices that reflect your REAL desires. You can  also make choices based on your values, priorities, and abilities. This in turn will begin to bring more joy into your life as you become the person you were MEANT to be and the person you DESIRE to be.

We hope you learned more about yourself so you can be more intentional in your life’s decisions. Our next workshop will begin June 1 and run through November covering a different topic each month. It’s about” taking action” and “goal setting” but won’t require quite as many questions as this one did and it is spread out over 6 months. The monthly topics will be the areas of life I mentioned in the previous session: Personal ( mind, body, spirit ); Home ; Relationships ; Finances ; Serving/Giving ; Job/ Work. We’ll look at each area and help you in setting goals in each area. Hopefully, you will begin looking at  what you’d like  these areas of your life to look like as you should have  some of this information from this session.

As promised previously, we are having a drawing for a prize for those who signed up for this session by “subscribing” to our blog. We will have that drawing next Monday. Good luck to everyone who subscribed and thank you! Check back here to see if you won!


May 1st begins our …. SPRING LAUNCH


We’d like to build a larger community of women encouraging women so tell your family and friends to “subscribe” . We’ll be putting an invitation together which you can forward later. Even though we won’t begin another workshop until June, we’ll still be posting something every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I’ll be going on vacation for two weeks but will be posting from Sunny Florida… even if it’s just to send you a beautiful ocean picture! Sherrie will also be posting when I’m gone so keep checking! If there is a special topic you’d like to hear about, let us know.

Thanks for hanging in there with us for the workshop! Have a beautiful day and LIVE INTENTIONALLY!     sandy


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