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March 17, 2010

Living A Balanced Life

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I hope the last post  helped you in getting more clarity in your life’s choices and maybe seeing things from a different perspective. If you’d be willing to share an” AHA” moment, we’d love to hear from you.

Today I’d like you to take a sheet of paper ( or hopefully you have that journal or notebook ) and put at the top of the paper the following ” 6 areas of your life”: 1)  Personal ( mind, body, spirit )  2) Home   3) Job/Work  4)  Giving/Serving  5) Relationships  6) Finances. This list should cover most  ( well, almost ) everything in your life.

I’d like you to take your Dream List and put each item on your list under one of these categories. Anything related to recreation, hobbies, interests, etc. goes under “Personal”. If you’re not sure what category it should go under just pick the category which seems to come the closest.

You should now have a list of your dreams under all of the areas of your life. Look at your lists.Do you have something in all the categories? Are you neglecting your relationships or do you have a dream of building better relationships? Did you have on your dream list to serve others in some way? Did you remember to take care of your OWN needs ( mind, body, spirit)? Have you thought about what you’d like your home environment to be like? You might want to add to your list if these 6 areas have triggered some ideas. It is good to have a balanced life so ideally you should have items under each area. You may be in a situation where you don’t have to work outside the home but we ALL work INSIDE the home so don’t leave the Job/Work area empty.

In keeping in mind your “whys”, how much of your dream life are you living NOW but maybe on a smaller scale than you had first thought OR what COULD you do that would fulfill your “why?”. Brainstorm different things you could do to live your dream life  NOW. Keep in mind your values and priorities, your talents and skills and USE THEM in your life’s plan. You may find that when you get  CLEAR about what you REALLY want, that it  doesn’t require MORE MONEY and that you have everything you really need to live your dream life NOW. And wouldn’t it feel GREAT to know that you’re actually  LIVING your DREAM LIFE ? So go ahead and create the “small scale” dream life, using the “whys” of your dreams, making sure you have items under ALL categories. You now will have created a balanced design for your dream life!

Our Goal Setting Workshop is another session where we’ll show you how you can set goals to reach your Dream Life and even get to the BIG DREAMS  but you can learn to be content NOW when you realize that you might already HAVE your dream life ( or can EASILY get it ) if you’re considering the “whys”. The point in bringing out the 6 areas of your life now is to make sure that you are working on a dream life that is balanced in all the different areas of your life. It would be great to have a few items in each area to work on.

I hope these simple exercises have helped to bring some clarity to your life’s choices. If you have any questions you can e-mail me (or Sherrie) and we’d love to help. (   and )

Keep reminding yourself that you’re closer than you thought to your Dream Life! You may, in fact, be LIVING IT!  Sandy


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