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March 15, 2010

Living Your Dream Life

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Here we are at the last week of this workshop. If you’re still following and doing the assignments, GOOD FOR YOU! It shows you have at least one qualification ( and  probably lots more ) of someone who wants to live life to the FULL….PERSISTENCE!

So today we’re going to go back and look at the  Big Why’s in your Dream Life List. Go through your “whys” and put a check by the ones where “you want things for others”  and check marks by ” things out of your control”. In reality, we only have CONTROL over ourselves so your dreams have to involve only yourself. We can’t dream big dreams for other people or at least we can’t ACCOMPLISH dreams for other people. They might have their own big dreams that are different from ours. We can HELP others with THEIR dreams but we can’t insist on dreaming FOR them.  If you have dreams and desires for others you will have to ask them if this is something they would like to have as a dream for THEIR lives. I’ll explain how I accomplished this in my life.

Next, take what is left that is IN your control, ie. those things that involve you alone and you DO have control over ( at least to some degree ). Taking these items one at a time , look back at your “whys” for each item. What can you do NOW that fulfills the “whys”?

For example, take my “dream” to take my family on vacation. First I had to ask them if this is something they would like to do ( it involves others as well as me ). For the most part everyone wanted to but weren’t always sure if they could work it out. So I came up with a plan to find a time and place that worked with everyone to  go on a family get-away. My BIG dream of course was to take them all to a place like Disney World but we couldn’t afford that at this time so I had to look at my “WHY”. The REASON I wanted to do this was to spend time with family and make memories. So I took all this into consideration and planned our first trip for a long weekend, close to home. We can spend time with family and make memories ANYWHERE. Everyone had a great time and the “why” was accomplished! We didn’t NEED to go to Disney World to fulfill my dream after all. But  I also figured out what a trip to Disney World would cost and saved money for the next five years and we DID go to Disney World. The wait turned out to be the best timing for our granddaughter as well. We rented a 5 bedroom townhouse and it was beautiful. My sister and her family  met us there and we had a mini family reunion.

In the meantime we took a trip somewhere every year and for longer time periods and  further distances away. But we didn’t have to WAIT 5 years to accomplish our dreams because we were focusing on the “WHY” of the situation. A lot of people come up with big dreams and say “Oh but we’ll never be able to afford our dream life ” But if  you dig a bit deeper into the REASON, or the “BIG WHY” of something and accomplish THAT in a  different way,  you’ll find you can usually begin having your Dream Life now while you save for something grander later. It’s not really about WHERE, its really about WHY you want that.

Another item that was on my Dream Life list was to have a business that I could run with my daughter and daughter-in-law. My biggest “Whys” for that were that I love being in business  and I thought if they joined me in some business endeavor it would be something they could do from home and wouldn’t have to work outside of the home and wouldn’t it be fun doing something together. Well, wouldn’t you know, my daughter said they had plans to go to China and live for a year ( China? !) and my daughter-in-law said she wanted to be a teacher. So do I throw out my dreams? No.

I had to remind myself that THEY had their own dreams and I had to pursue MINE. What I DID do however, was to find a way to support my daughter in her work in China and be a part of that with HER and I’m helping my daughter-in-law with babysitting our grandson half days while she teaches. And I’m also following my dream of being in business. So basically I am able to accomplish my “Whys”AND be in business. And the whole family pitches in and helps with the business when I have sales.

If we insist on trying to dream for OTHERS we will always feel frustrated! We can HELP others  with THEIR dreams if they WANT it but we can’t insist on dreaming FOR them. And then we can find ways to accomplish our “whys” in different ways and we become free to follow our OWN dreams. This is not selfish, it is merely recognizing that we each are different and have different desires but we can find ways to help  and support each other in reaching ALL of our dreams.

If you have written all the assignments down you will be able to look at them and answer the following questions:

1) Cross check your dream life with your values and priorities. Are you living out your values and priorities in your dream life? Or are your values one thing and your dream life another?

2)Does you dream life include using your talents, abilities, things that you are good at?

3) If you were living your dream life, would you be remembered the way you said you wanted to be remembered?

4)Are you seeing new possibilities in your life as it lays out before you on paper?

5) Are you learning new things about yourself  by what you’ve written?

6) Is the life you are living now anything like your dream life? Looking at your “whys” what can you do now on a smaller scale  to live your dream life and  fulfill your “why”? Small things  can have great impacts!

7) If you look at things in this way ( the whys”), do you feel you are living your dream life?

I hope these questions, as you ponder the dreams for your life, will give you some new insights, new perspectives, and maybe an “aha”moment. It’s important to take stock of your life at times to see if you are really living what you say you believe and then trying to figure out how you can accomplish your dreams.

We’d love to hear how you’re living your dreams on a smaller scale now as you pursue bigger ones.

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Have a great week and we’ll see you on Wednesday! Keep Dreaming!  sandy



  1. If only these work shops had come 40 years earlier. Guess that could not have been possible but OH! are meaningful even today at my age.

    Comment by Marge — March 15, 2010 @ 1:56 pm

  2. Thanks for commenting!

    Comment by sakaco — March 15, 2010 @ 2:37 pm

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