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March 10, 2010

Being Intentional

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I want to congratulate you on following this blog, and particularly so, if you are actually DOING the assignments in the workshop, “Living Intentionally.”  Yes, it does take some time, but don’t you think it is worth it?

By nature, I actually LIKE doing this kind of stuff.  I can’t quite understanding why some people say they just don’t have the time!  Isn’t thinking about your life and how things are going important enough for you to stop all the busyness once in a while?  Anyway, congratulations for participating! If you are faithfully doing these assignments, you are learning to be intentional about creating a life that is in full bloom.

Being intentional is a huge step toward living a satisfying and fulfilling life. But you need more than just intention. How many times have you heard the statement, “Well, I had good intentions, but…”

Besides being intentional, you must put into ACTION what you intend. Intention is the thought, the plan. But that plan must turn into action and head in the direction you want to go. The direction you move, not just intention, is what determines a positive outcome.

OK, so being intentional is thinking and planning, but also taking steps of action in the right direction. How in the world do you know which direction to go?  Sometimes it just seems so hard to figure things out…I know at times I feel a bit aimless.

Well, that is why we are going through all these assignments! I really appreciate working with Sandy because she is a great motivator to me personally, to not only think and plan (which I do a lot of), but most of all, to TAKE ACTION.

Through this workshop, little by little, you are beginning to get clarity on things such as what you value, what your interests are, and even what your dream life would be like. Now the fun part comes. You will be able to actually create goals that will take you to where you want to be in life.

Tony Robbins says you need to know precisely what you want. Know why you’re doing it. What your action plan is. And I like this quote by him, “Life will pay whatever price you ask of it.”

So stay tuned to what comes next. Keep on being intentional. You will be so glad you did!



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