Blooming Boomers

March 8, 2010

Your Dream Life

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Sorry I was a little late in getting this out. I like to publish the night before so you get it first thing in the morning but we were out of town over the weekend and didn’t get home until Sunday evening and then …..I forgot to  publish!So here we go!

This week we are “looking forward” instead of making lists of what is currently in your life. Don’t prejudge this assignment, the end result may not be what you think. Just have fun with it!

Your assignment is to describe in a page or more your “ideal” or “dream” life if money were no object. Write in the present tense as if you are already living this life. Be very specific and include LOTS OF DETAIL including where you’re living, what you’re  doing, what your relationships are like, how you are serving, how you are feeling ( relaxed, calm, happy, etc ),  how your health is, what activities you are involved in, etc. Don’t limit yourself in any way.

After you have made this very detailed account of your dream life, go back and pick out the “items” you described and make a LIST out  of them. Your final list might include for example: 5 bedroom Victorian house in the country, spending fun time with family, ministering to the poor in foreign countries, enjoying my new hobby of knitting, etc. Don’t skip the detailed page and go right to the list, though. The description is very important as you are envisioning how you would like things to be. And don’t be discouraged that you may not now be living that life or worry at this point how this could ever happen. Just do it as an exercise so you’ll learn some things about yourself.

So go grab a cup of tea or coffee, find a relaxing spot , and sit down and dream with no limits. The very act of doing this  activates your endorphins, increases your seratonin, and makes you feel good. Enjoy!

Wednesday, Sherrie will share what it means to live intentionally so you’ll understand more where we’re going with all these “lists” and exercises. We’ll also share some questions to ponder to help you begin to see where you might be “living by habit” and where you might need to work on being more intentional in making choices to live purposely.

Have a great day and “live on purpose”!  sandy


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