Blooming Boomers

March 3, 2010


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Greetings on this Wonderful Wednesday!

I received one photo after asking you to e-mail a photo of something that  you love to do or something that makes you smile.  Look at yesterday’s blog to see who sent theirs in. Keep sending in your photos as we go through the workshop and share your smile with us.

Today’s list is somewhat similar to Monday’s. Today’s assignment is to make a list of your priorities. Just to give you an example, here’s the “beginning” of MY priority list: God, husband, family, church, work, community….. A priority list helps to remind us how to keep the things that are important to us in proper order. In the rush of daily living we may do things without thinking but if we strive to be intentional, we will keep what is important to us in its proper place. We will live out what we truly believe. We will live more authentically. In the long run, we will be happier with the choices we make in life if we are keeping our priorities in mind. So make your list and have a fabulous day!

As we make these lists you might be wondering how this all helps us to live intentionally. Next week we will start explaining how it all works together. So keep doing your homework.

See you Friday!    Sandy


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