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March 1, 2010

What I Value

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Hi, Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend!

This is the second week of our workshop,” Living Intentionally”. Often we are letting our lives just happen. We “react” to life instead of “taking action” intentionally. This workshop will  help you to look intentionally at your life and help you create a life that you and God create together “on purpose”.

Before we get started  on this week’s topic, ask yourself some things about last week’s questions.

1) Was this difficult or easy for you?

2) Were you surprised with anything?

3) Did you learn anything about yourself from these exercises?

4) What COULD you learn about yourself from these exercises?

5) Do you need to find more interests and hobbies for yourself? Or is your life overflowing with things to do?

These questions are just a  beginning in the “work” of being able to see your life on paper and getting a clear picture of where you are now. We’ll look further into how these relate to being” intentional” later.

This week we are looking at what we value and  what are our priorities in life. So the list for today is the following:

Make a list of your values. These can be things such as “faith”, “honesty”, “integrity”, “love”, etc. Go to and find a list of 374 values to pick from. You should come up with a minimum of 20 but you might want more.  I’m not suggesting this is a good site to follow as I know nothing about this guy but I found this list of values which seems pretty comprehensive. Of course, if you think of others you can write them down also. This is just to get you started. So begin making that list and I’ll be back on Wednesday with another” list making assignment”.

Remember to set aside a time to do these in a quiet place. Have fun and have a relaxing day!  sandy



  1. WOW! So far, this was the most labor intensive part of the workshop. I REALLY had to THINK! In the end, I had my own list of ONLY – 74! In fact, I seem to have more than the requested minimun on each assingment. Maybe, I need to work on “limitations”??? LOL

    Comment by Nani — March 4, 2010 @ 10:56 am

  2. Yeah, Nani Thanks for your comments! Hopefully yours will encourage others to get out there and comment!

    OK Where are the rest of you?

    Comment by sandy — March 4, 2010 @ 4:09 pm

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