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February 24, 2010

Your Abilities

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Hello, all you accomplished women!

If you did your “assignment” for Monday you will begin to see that you have accomplished more than you might have thought. God has already used your gifts and abilities in various ways so far  in your life. So now we’re moving to the next step, which is finding out what specifically our talents and abilities are. We’ll pull  things together later. Right now just be focused on the steps one at a time and follow the simple assignments. 🙂 So now go find a quiet place to sit and relax where there are no distractions, grab a cup of coffee or tea,  get your fun and inspiring journal, and set your attitude on “joy” for this next assignment.

So here is the assignment for Wednesday, Week One:

Make a list of at least 15 of your talents, abilities, and strengths. If this seems hard for you, just look at your “accomplishment list” for ideas. The list can include things such as: I’m  a good  listener, I connect well with people, I have good organizational skills,  I can draw etc. Think hard until you have your list of 15. You DO have that many!

Have a Wondrous Wednesday and we’ll be back here Friday!  Sandy

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