Blooming Boomers

February 1, 2010

Enjoying Life’s Flavors

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My grandson, Charlie , took such big bites out of his birthday cake, he got it all over his face. You can tell he thoroughly enjoyed it!

Life can be  like that also. You can play it safe and never get “dirty” but you won’t enjoy the full flavor of life God intended for you to have. Or you can jump in, not playing it “safe”, not worrying about getting “dirty” and enjoy a full and abundant life. As we get older some of us are tempted to slow down, and take it easy. It’s called retirement. Now  I’m all for relaxing and moving onto different “seasons” of life. But that doesn’t need to “slow us down”.

I used to work full time with juvenile offenders and even though I’m still in touch with many of them, it was time to let someone else get those middle -of- the- night emergency calls. I’m having to take more time to focus on my health. And I want to be able to spend more time with grandchildren and my Mom. It’s a different season but I’m still  enjoying the full flavor of life. I still need to take some risks and not worry about “getting dirty”. I still need to take big bites out of life! It just can’t be CAKE!

If you’re moving into another season of your life, don’t let that slow you down. God still has a purpose and big plans for you. Keep taking BIG BITES out of life and continue to enjoy its FULL FLAVORS.

Grandson Charlie


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